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Minimal access surgery, minimally invasive surgery / treatment, Key hole surgery, robotic surgery, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, VATS, endoscopic surgery, laser surgery, stapling, bariatiric, metabolic surgery etc are phrases that have become common vocabulary for the public at large, in New Delhi, India, and across the world. At the same time there is confusion about what these terms stand for, where they are used and what procedures they have replaced. While we know a lot about these, there is little knowledge amongst the public & doctors about the past.


This is a website that gives introduction to the history and evolution of surgery over the times.


Brief videos of surgery over the centuries ( click below to see )

Ancient Surgery Key hole laparoscopic surgery Robotic surgery



Also there are pages giving information about common surgical problems, available options in todays age and about the modern surgical procedures etc. The pages are linked to each other and I have tried to keep the language as simple as possible. However if there are any questions on the topics covered and even about surgery of other organs and specialities, please use the free email service to have your doubts cleared. The email will be answered asap by an expert in the field.


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